Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, often radiating down the arm, it can be sharp on specific movements, like dressing where overhead or behind the body motions are needed.  It can ache following activity or wake you at night if you roll on to it.

What is this condition?

The structures of the shoulder are designed to take significant loads but can get inflamed, impinged (pinched) or even torn.

Commonly, injuries result from tears in the tendons after lifting a load; the patient then has difficulty in raising the arm. Other causes include overuse activities like painting the gutters or tennis serves, occasionally they may appear for no apparent reason.  Also, it’s needless to say that desk jobs, and frequent use of mobile devices aren’t going to help!

Is this service right for me?

Acuhealth can help injuries heal faster because acupuncture has been shown to increase the anti-inflammatory response and increase blood flow.

How is it treated?

Following a thorough assessment, treatment is a combination of muscle release, mobilisation, acupuncture and specific exercise.  Recovery may take time as we build strength and flexibility into the joint.

Acuhealth relieves pain in a similar way to opioid painkillers, but without any adverse side effects.  Treatments reduce inflammation and promote circulation to the injury to speed up healing.

We begin by assessing the possible causes originating from activity, posture and muscle tightness to develop a treatment plan tailored to you.  Both a combination of acupuncture and deep tissue work on tight muscles often helps.

Acuhealth treatment will include some or all of the following:


Soft tissue & joint mobilisation



Laser therapy


Rehabilitation exercises

Occupational advice.

How much time does it take?

Each session takes approximately one hour.

How much does it cost?


Is it covered by private health insurance?

All treatments are covered by the leading health insurance companies.