Pain Management

When you are in constant pain, it can feel like you’re losing control of everything; it can wear you down — physically, mentally and emotionally.

The pain response can be flipped on—and stay on, resulting in Chronic pain.  Chronic pain, such as persistent pain, is especially devastating because it serves no functional purpose and responds poorly to conventional treatments.

Acuhealth offers an alternative to opioids and many surgeries, eliminating the root cause of your problem, reducing pain and functional impairment, giving you back control of your life.

Is this service right for you?

If you’ve been dealing with pain, whether mild or severe, it maybe time to try something new.

Whether you have mild, chronic, or severe back pain, Acuhealth can help relieve it and allow you to get back to normal life. Unlike other treatments, Acuhealth therapy is tailored to you, offering a personalised treatment plan to deal with your own specific pain issues.

The following areas are a sample of the conditions our clients seek our help with:

Pain that does not go away as expected after an illness or injury

Pain that may be described as shooting, burning, aching, or electrical

Discomfort, soreness, tightness, or stiffness

Acuhealth offers over a decade of experience in providing a holistic approach towards resolving your pain and ongoing support.

How is it treated?

During your first visit, we will evaluate your pain, its source, duration, previous treatments and any medical conditions associated with your pain.  We will then develop a plan that fits you and your lifestyle.

The treatment options we offer include:

Acupuncture, including Traditional, Electro, Battlefield, Auricular, and Dry Needling

Tui Na: Massage, stretching, manipulation

Cupping and Moxa


Laser Therapy

Exercise and/or Nutritional advice

Acuhealth delivers treatments that have been shown to affect the nervous system and block pain signals from reaching the brain. We seek to reduce pain through activating your body’s natural opioid system of natural painkillers; relaxing the surrounding muscles and improving circulation which can speed up the healing process.

we can help you with...

Back Pain

Whether its a slipped disc, pinched nerve or just an injury that never fully healed…

Headache & Migraine

Throbbing headache, nausea, increased sensitivity to light, sounds, smells…

Repetitive Strain Injury

Continuous use or strain of one area of the body can lead to RSIs. Acuhealth’s treatment…

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be painful as the nerves are hypersensitive. Acuhealth specialises…

Neck Pain

If you are a desk jockey, you’re unlucky to be in the group most likely to suffer neck pain. The neck…


Your joints swell, pain, and stiffness make movement difficult, if not impossible.


Pain in the buttock or down the leg, unusual sensations tingling, numbness, pins and needles…

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, often radiating down the arm, it can be sharp on specific movements…
  • Paul had won my trust from very early on with his gentle assurance. He is my first port of call for anything that I feel my body needs help with, healing or re-balancing. I am a regular Crossfitter and take part in several other activities from tennis to running, so inevitably I need help to heal muscular or connective tissue strains and injuries. On one particular occasion, I had had a cricked neck for several weeks over Christmas, and it wasn’t until mid-January that I had a chance to do anything about it. Two days later, my neck was back to normal. That’s just one small example of how effective I find Paul’s treatment, and I really can’t recommend him highly enough!

    Neck Pain Patient

  • I have been going to Paul for various health problems for over 10 years now. He is my first port of call for any and all ailments. Between running and weight training, I have needed his expertise for a litany of breaks, sprains and pulled muscles.  When I developed trapped nerves in my spine and the injections I received in the hospital didn’t work, it was Paul I went to for help, and he didn’t disappoint.  I am always amazed at his range of knowledge in all things health related but he explains everything in laymans terms so you understand what’s happening.  I can’t  guarantee there won’t be pain but I can guarantee Paul will get you back on your feet again.  I cannot recommend him highly enough both as a person and as a professional in his field.

    Runner & Weight Trainer

  • I had acupuncture in the past, but never did I imagine such quick results for an ailment that I had suffered with for such a long time! After regular visits over a few months combined with herbal remedies that Acuhealth prescribed, I was off all prescribed medicine and was symptom free. It was, and is the most amazing experience and it has given me my life back. I can now do everyday things that were once such a struggle such as exercising comfortably, and just being me again.

    Back Pain Patient

  • I went to Paul with a lot of fear as I’m terrified of needles. I have fainted getting blood tests done, and because I have Fibromyalgia and ME I can certainly feel everything! He was so professional, kind, gentle and considerate to my state of health and fears around needles. It’s safe to say I have returned time and time again. After my fears of acupuncture were eased I began to see slow progress (was bed bound for a one year, felt like I was, in fact, dead) pains and aches started to ease bit by bit, and I regularly suffered from really sore throats which were also combated by Paul. I started back into a normal life routine and went back into the workforce on a part-time basis. I even started back horse riding. It was amazing! I built up so much strength that I even started to compete again at the level I had been at previously. I went from being so ill that I could hardly get out of bed to having a life again. It was incredible! My body became so healthy that I fell pregnant, this was not the plan, but from death’s door and been on the floor 24/7, it was actually a miracle pregnancy. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough.

    Fibromyalgia & ME Patient

  • Paul is a compassionate, intuitive and skillful practitioner. He truly listens to my needs and concerns and is truly interested in my wellbeing. I came to him in extreme lower back pain, which left me barely able to walk. I’ve never had any acupuncture treatment before, so was naturally cautious to begin with. Paul took me through a clear plan of treatment, put me at ease immediately and explained really clearly what was happening. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his professionalism, wisdom, compassion, incredible skills and gentleness.

    Back Pain & Sciatica Patient