General Health

At Acuhealth, we view balance as the key to maintaining good health.  In a world that never switches off, we offer a real alternative to restore to better health, naturally.

Instead of treating illness and symptoms, we actively work to prevent and reverse disease, through a holistic approach, incorporating nutrition, exercise, and the application of individualised therapies.

Below is a sample of the conditions we treat in our clinic.

we can help you with...

Cardiovascular & Circulatory

Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture offers significantly positive effects on the cardiovascular system…


Your digestive system is at the root of your overall wellness. The digestive system is closely linked to your immune system…


Respiratory conditions cover a broad range of disorders affecting the lungs and respiratory system…


Many studies show very positive results in treating neurological conditions ranging from a migraine to MS and post-stroke paralysis.  Acuhealth provide…
  • I have been going to Paul for various health problems for over 10 years now. He is my first port of call for any and all ailments. Between running and weight training, I have needed his expertise for a litany of breaks, sprains and pulled muscles.  When I developed trapped nerves in my spine and the injections I received in the hospital didn’t work, it was Paul I went to for help, and he didn’t disappoint.  I am always amazed at his range of knowledge in all things health related but he explains everything in laymans terms so you understand what’s happening.  I can’t  guarantee there won’t be pain but I can guarantee Paul will get you back on your feet again.  I cannot recommend him highly enough both as a person and as a professional in his field.

    Runner & Weight Trainer

  • I was a stressed out marathon running business executive who suffered with Sinus infection and Lethargy. I have attended Paul at Acuhealth for the last 5 years for a variety of acupuncture treatments. Primarily related to headaches, migraines, Sinus and also general lethargy on occasions. I always find Paul to be very attentive, easy to talk to, and very confident of the treatment provided along with his great advice. I am always relaxed in his company and always found the treatments very beneficial, and still do to this day. I would highly recommend to visit Paul at Acuhealth.

    Sinus infection and Lethargy patient

  • I first met Paul in 2005 when I had a major prolapse after having the coil fitted. My GP recommended surgery to have it repaired, but I asked for some time to see if I could find an alternative.  I was given 2 weeks, and if there was no improvement I would be going to Hospital.  I did some research and discovered acupuncture had worked in some cases.  I was very apprehensive when I first spoke to Paul, but having had a long conversation on the phone he put me at my ease and I agreed to see him. During my session everything was explained beforehand and I was surprised how painless it was. I had two treatments the first week followed by two the next week, before going back to my GP. Her words were “whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” My GP couldn’t believe the prolapse had completely reversed in such a short time.

    Uterine Prolapse Patient

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Acuhealth for acupuncture. Paul was extremely professional and welcoming. For a first-timer like me, he patiently explained the process, as well as summarising the benefits both from an Eastern and Western perspective. The actual treatment was extremely relaxing and I could feel the effects on my body almost immediately. All-in-all, it was a great experience and I thank Paul for bringing his knowledge, passion, and expertise to the Dublin community.


  • I went to Paul with a lot of fear as I’m terrified of needles. I have fainted getting blood tests done, and because I have Fibromyalgia and ME I can certainly feel everything! He was so professional, kind, gentle and considerate to my state of health and fears around needles. It’s safe to say I have returned time and time again. After my fears of acupuncture were eased I began to see slow progress (was bed bound for a one year, felt like I was, in fact, dead) pains and aches started to ease bit by bit, and I regularly suffered from really sore throats which were also combated by Paul. I started back into a normal life routine and went back into the workforce on a part-time basis. I even started back horse riding. It was amazing! I built up so much strength that I even started to compete again at the level I had been at previously. I went from being so ill that I could hardly get out of bed to having a life again. It was incredible! My body became so healthy that I fell pregnant, this was not the plan, but from death’s door and been on the floor 24/7, it was actually a miracle pregnancy. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough.

    Fibromyalgia & ME Patient

  • I had acupuncture in the past, but never did I imagine such quick results for an ailment that I had suffered with for such a long time! After regular visits over a few months combined with herbal remedies that Acuhealth prescribed, I was off all prescribed medicine and was symptom free. It was, and is the most amazing experience and it has given me my life back. I can now do everyday things that were once such a struggle such as exercising comfortably, and just being me again.

    Back Pain Patient

  • After regular visits over a few months combined with herbal remedies prescribed by Acuhealth, I was off all my prescribed medicine and was symptom free. It was, and is the most amazing experience and has given me my life back. I can now do everyday things that for a long time were such a huge struggle such as exercising comfortably and just being me again.

    Vertigo Patient