Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility is probably the most frustrating and disheartening Western medical diagnosis.  Acuhealth looks past the standard diagnoses of infertility toward the underlying health factors and disease states that may be causing them. By identifying why you aren’t getting pregnant, we can help you make progress, naturally.

Is this service right for me?

This is a condition Acuhealth often treats and with excellent results.  Studies show a diagnosis of unexplained infertility has a better chance of spontaneous pregnancies after fertility treatment or pregnancy.  Acupuncture has been shown to improve the blood flow to the uterus and may affect anatomy, therefore, improving embryo implantation.

Why can't I get pregnant?

Typically women get a diagnosis of poor egg quality, insufficient uterine lining, low progesterone, high FSH levels, PCOS, or endometriosis. At Acuhealth, we believe the story can be much more complex.

What is going on?

For some women diagnosed conditions can result from underlying disease states like hormonal imbalances, fluctuations in body temperature, irregular menstrual cycles, and other impacting conditions. Lifestyle can have a tremendous impact on natural fertility, addressing things like hydration, sleep, stress, and diet. Through understanding you and your body together we can quickly gain a new perceptive leading ultimately to boosting your overall fertility and chances of conceiving.

Where can I read more about this?

How long does it take?

Each session takes approximately one hour.

How much does it cost?


Is it covered by private health insurance?

All treatments are covered by the leading health insurance companies.