IVF Preparation & Enhancing

IVF’s success rates can be substantially enhanced by acupuncture1. Using evidence-based protocols Acuhealth’s IVF Support Program focuses on increasing the chance of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

Acuhealth’s IVF/ART Support Program provides treatments and the essential nutritional advise needed during the preconception period to assist with healthy sperm and egg development.

Is this service right for me?

Acuhealth is here to help you in starting or growing your family.  For over a decade we have developed fertility plans for people just like you.  Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or through IVF/ART our fertility experience can support you every step of the way.

Acuhealth works to give you support in to:

Minimise the side effects of the drugs

Increase the pelvic blood flow

Balance the immune and nervous system

Improve implantation rates

Calm the mind

We aim to give you the best opportunity of becoming pregnant and help you understand your options in a complex world in a way that is manageable, affordable and individual to you.

How is it treated?

Couples who come to Acuhealth want to get pregnant and to feel that they are doing everything they can to make that happen.

At Acuhealth, you will receive support throughout the whole ART / IVF cycle until the blood test after embryo transfer (ET). Your acupuncture practitioner will carefully review your health history and current situation before designing a fertility treatment plan.

Pre & Post Transfer

You will be very focused on transfer day – it’s a big day – and it is very likely that the stress and anxiety of your cycle peaks at this point. So one of the chief goals of the Pre and Post-transfer acupuncture treatment is to get you calm and in a positive place, both mentally and physically.

Once you know your transfer time, we can book your treatment and set you up for a day that runs smoothly. At Acuhealth Pre/post treatments are prioritised for our clients, around embryo transfer time. There is good evidence that acupuncture before and after embryo transfer significantly increases the chances of successful implantation (Westergaard et al. 2006), and in summary to:

Induce relaxation and to de-stress

Improve blood flow to the uterus

Decrease uterine spasms and cramping

and to keep you calm and positive.

Where can I read more about this?

How long does it take?

Each session takes approximately one hour.

How much does it cost?


Is it covered by health insurance?

All treatments are covered by the leading health insurance companies.