Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

A diagnose of PCOS, sounds intimidating and strange. The good news is that we’re here to help you learn that PCOS does not equal infertile — it just says that getting pregnant will take a little bit more work.

What is this condition?

PCOS affects five to ten percent of women and is a leading cause of ovulatory based infertility. It is identified by the growth of small cysts on the ovaries; while not harmful, they can lead to hormonal imbalances. Typically having twelve or more cysts defines PCOS.

Hormone imbalances, revealed in a simple blood test, may indicate higher levels of testosterone (male hormone). Ovulation maybe sporadic or not occur at all. Therefore your cycle will be irregular or you may not get periods at all.

Is this service right for me?

You may exhibit no symptoms, but most will have one or more of the following:

Weight gain or obesity

Excessive and/or abnormal hair growth

Irregular periods or complete absence of menstruation (amenorrhea)


Enlarged ovaries covered with cysts

Insulin resistance

How is it treated?

As with Western medicine, Chinese Medicines first line of treatment is diet and weight control. Regulation of blood sugar decreases insulin resistance and improves glucose metabolism which stabilises mood and weight. Often reducing insulin levels and improving insulin sensitivity by way of weight loss, a low GI diet and exercise is enough to restore regular ovulation.

Our approach treats underlying imbalances causing hormonal irregularities to correct the problem and the symptoms together. At Acuhealth, we use specific acupuncture treatments, and nutritional guidelines to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Following a thorough assessment, treatment will combine acupuncture, nutrition, and specific lifestyle advice. Recovery may take time, consequently, advice on ongoing care is essential.

Acuhealth’s treatment will include some or all of the following:



Lifestyle advice

How much time does it take?

Each session takes approximately one hour.

How much does it cost?


Is it covered by private health insurance?

All treatments are covered by the leading health insurance companies.