What our clients are saying...

  • After regular visits over a few months combined with herbal remedies prescribed by Acuhealth, I was off all my prescribed medicine and was symptom free. It was, and is the most amazing experience and has given me my life back. I can now do everyday things that for a long time were such a huge struggle such as exercising comfortably and just being me again.

    Vertigo Patient

  • After only a handful of sessions I could already see the benefits. My cycle was more regulated, my stress levels were greatly reduced and I became much more positive and believed that this was going to happen for us. After regular visits and taking the recommended herbal supplements, here I am 6.5 months pregnant and feeling great! I can’t recommend Acuhealth enough, it has changed my life. It’s not just a service, it provides a warm, relaxing and friendly environment that you will want to go back to every time.

    Fertility Patient

  • I first met Paul as as shadow of myself. I had lost a lot of weight, was highly stressed and was suffering with anxiety. Paul was so sincere, sympathetic and kind. He oozed positivity which assured me that I would recover with the help of acupuncture and his advice. After the first session, I left with hope, a plan, and lots of encouragement. Acuhealth not only helped me through a very difficult time, but it made me review my life and take positive changes. I’m forever grateful to Paul and his wisdom and recommend him to all my family and friends.

    Anxiety Patient

  • Paul is a compassionate, intuitive and skillful practitioner. He truly listens to my needs and concerns and is truly interested in my wellbeing. I came to him in extreme lower back pain, which left me barely able to walk. I never had any acupuncture treatment before, so was naturally cautious to begin with. Paul took me through a clear plan of treatment, put me at ease immediately and explained really clearly what was happening. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his professionalism, wisdom, compassion, incredible skills and gentleness.

    Back Pain & Sciatica Patient

  • Paul had won my trust from very early on with his gentle assurance.  He is my first port of call for anything that I feel my body needs help with healing, or re-balancing. I am a regular Crossfitter as well as taking part in several other activities from tennis to running, so inevitably I need help to heal muscular or connective tissue strains and injuries. On one particular occasion, I had had a cricked neck for several weeks over Christmas and it wasn’t until mid-January that I had a chance to do anything about it. Two days later, my neck was back to normal. That’s just one small example of how effective I find Paul’s treatment and I really can’t recommend him highly enough!

    Fertility & Neck Pain Patient

  • I’m six months pregnant with my first baby and have been coming to Acuhealth for some time now. I very much look forward to my acupuncture sessions with Paul every few weeks. They help to relax both me and the baby, and keep me confident that everything is on track. The clinic itself has such a homely and relaxing feel to it and I tend to fall asleep during most sessions. Paul is always extremely professional and assures me that this everything is perfectly fine. I know I’ll keep going to my sessions after the little one is born as I always really feel so much better after each treatment. I can only imagine how much help it will be during the first rough few months, but I know I’m in safe hands!

    Fertility Patient

  • I have been a patient of Paul’s at Acuhealth for over 5 years now and couldn’t fault his services. Being a rugby player at AIL level, I’ve had my fair share of injuries from ankle, knee, back to shoulder trouble. I find his knowledge of sports injuries to be excellent and treatments to be a lot less painful and with quicker recovery time than a regular physiotherapist. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul for sports injury treatment.

    Rugby Player

  • Paul has never let me down when I came to him with a problem. So much so my family use Paul for any ailment. My daughter particularly involved in sport depends on him. My latest challenge was to take on Everest base camp but injured my knee nine days before departure. It didn’t look like I was going to be able to go at all, but made it to Base Camp thanks to Paul’s magic.

    Golf & Hillwalker