About Us

Acuhealth provides one-on-one care and a personalised service every visit.

For well over a decade, Acuhealth has provided personalised therapy that seeks to address the root causes of illness, through a total body approach to wellness.

Paul Byrne

Some fifteen years ago Paul Byrne founded Acuhealth; he believes that optimal health is achieved through correcting, and preventing imbalances at the origin of the condition, rather than merely treating a list of symptoms. Treatments apply evidence-based protocols that incorporate lifestyle, nutrition and exercise therapies.

He is committed and dedicated to using the most up-to-date scientific research, coupled with an array of traditional protocols, to help his patients realise their full wellness potential.

Paul has also been active in improving standards within the acupuncture profession as a whole. He has been a board member and/or advisor to:


Paul is a Founding Member of The Zita West Acupuncture Affiliate Network which specialises in all aspects of male and female reproductive health. He is qualified in Zita’s unique holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health, leveraging the diagnostic processes and treatment protocols followed at the leading Zita West London clinic.

As a member of Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy Ireland, Paul is registered to provide treatments for fertility, pregnancy, pre-birth, and postnatal clients. AFPI work alongside, and in collaboration with, the existing fertility and maternity services.

General practice including pain and injuries

Paul’s 15 years of experience gives him a deep understanding of the complex and multifaceted world of Chinese medicine. Over the years he has a compiled an effective variety of ‘treatment tools’ to treat conditions affecting a wide range of people from children, the elderly, general recreational enthusiasts to professional sportsmen and women in many different fields.

If you have suffered an injury in the past, you are at an increased risk of contracting that particular injury again in the future. Research suggests that often the subsequent injury can be worse than the initial injury, or can increase your chances of re-injury at a different location. Knowing this, Acuhealth design rehabilitation programs that target the site of the injury, but also access you as a whole to avoid re-injury. Ensuring last year’s ankle sprain does not turn into this season’s knee pain.



Fertility issues are becoming increasingly commonplace in Ireland, currently one in six of us could experience infertility challenges.


Sports injuries are a common problem for all types of athletes, whether you’re an Olympic contender or a weekend warrior.


When you are in constant pain, it can feel like you’re losing control of everything; it can wear you down — physically, mentally and emotionally.


Neuropathy is a disease characterised by damage to the peripheral or central nervous system resulting in pain, sensory loss, and weakness.


It seems these days, everyone is talking about mental health, which is not a bad thing. By shining a light on psychological health issues…


At Acuhealth, we view balance as the key to maintaining good health.  In a world that never switches off, we offer a real alternative to restore…